Sample Portfolio of Happy Customers

Rogo's Abu Dhabi

Innovative concept in the culinary world coupled with bleeding edge technology and end-to-end integration.

Industrial Technical Services

Stabilize operations, change pricing model and take on competitors head on to put ITS on a steady growth for years to come.

Photography anyone?

Built from scratch to include everything a photography portal needs along with full ecommerce integration.

Mission Air - Commercial HVAC Contractor

Financing, Stabilizing Operations, Line of Credit, Change Pricing Model and put Mission Air on a steady growth path for years to come.

Jauregui Trucking - Commercial Trucking Operation in California

Restructuring, Operations, Pricing Model, Processes, Policies and Procedures to put Jauregui on the right path.

Patio and Fireside

Helped the operation get back on its feet affected by the economic downturn, competition and new methods for buying furniture. Slashed expenses, negotiated vendor contracts, obtained financing and restructured operations.

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